Often when we speak to a prospective client–especially if they are a couple, there are a few excuses that come up. Most call in crisis mode, and believe that we have a quick fix for the issue that has created quite the blow up just hours or days before the call is made. While we have no magic wand to fix the issues, what we do have is an opportunity to heal and empower you to navigate every situation from wholeness and abundance.

But, before we can get to that…there are some excuses, and here’s four that we need to address:

Excuse One: I need to talk to my partner

The same partner that you just had another major argument with is not going to be excited about making a substantial financial investment in “counseling.” However, we don’t just counsel. Every program is multi-faceted including:

  • Online materials–video/written materials/exercises
  • Private coaching-one-on-one support to ensure your desired outcomes occur.
  • Exclusive access to other programs
  • Online communities
  • Tangible exercises
  • We might even create customized meditations and affirmations

Excuse Two: I can’t afford the program you offered.

The truth is that you cannot afford to keep going these situations. While this is the first time you may have called someone, most of our clients have been going through the same issues for years–often decades. While budgets are a real thing, the reality is that you do need help, and if you don’t get it from us, please make it a priority to get it from somewhere.

Additionally, we always have other options…just ask.

Excuse Three: I’m afraid nothing will be different.

Understood. One of the things we take pride in is client results. We have couples buying their first homes after coming back from the brink of divorce, we have business clients that have launched making thousands, we have life coaching clients that make complete 180 degree transformations in one week. So, it is possible, but so is self-sabotage. However, if you’re not ready to accept the kudos and correction to create the healing and transformation that you desire, then perhaps it’s best to wait until you are ready to commit…to yourself.

Excuse Four: There are cheaper coaches.

There are cheaper everything. However, our Lead Coach is eight coaches in one–as such is the case, every client gets eight (ACTUALLY more than eight coaches). The relationship issues are addressed though not only patterns of behavior, but also integrative nutrition, trauma, SozologicalTM healing and sleep science. Life coaching can include, meditation, mindfulness, business/launch coaching…by candlelight. No matter what challenges our clients arrive with, they are leaving with priceless solutionssssssss (No typo.)

IN CONCLUSION: You deserve to be supported.

If you’re ready and prepared to take a baby step or a bold step into your next season…we’re honored that you would consider allowing up to be a part of your journey.

Click here to book a quick call and let’s get to know each other.