Since starting her first business at nine years old, Stephanie has loved business! Over a professional and entrepreneurial career spanning decades,Stephanie has proudly served startup, starting out and established businesses with revenues in excess of $29.7 million annually and managed project budgets of over $500,ooo. She is also a TEDx Speaker;  former college professor in business; Bestselling author of “What is Kryptoniting” and multi-certified empowerment coach whose brand and marketng strategies, personal development programs, keynotes and corporate masterminds are life-changing experiences destined to empower you and your team. Stephanie is also one of the foremost authorities on people pleasing and provides tools to businesses on how these behavior hinders financial success and psychological safety, while using brand development to combat its effects.



I came to coaching kicking and screaming after building an award-winning marketing agency, working with celebrity clients such as Lisa Nichols/Chicken Soup for the African-American Soul, Debbie Allen, Shaquille O’Neal, DeVry University, Wrigley’s, and the nationally syndicated Tom Joyner Morning Show to name a few.

I now integrate coaching into brand development and marketing as we work with companies that desire to achieve hustle free success for themselves and their teams.

Our work is multifaceted and focuses on the wellbeing of the organization, its leaders and its bottom line.  Many of our clients are startups or starting out and could easily be distracted by the myths and misconceptions that being productive (busy) inherently means they are on track for being profitable.

  • Award-winning marketer with more than three decades of experience.


  • Fractional CMO for companies nationally and internationally and not-for-profit organizations.
  • Implementing DTC, GTM, Expansion and operational strategies.
  • Experience in both white and blue-collar industries.
  • Former college professor in business, marketing and entreprensuership.
  • Professional experience include educational marketing and, training and curricula development.
  • Founder of The College of Empowerment.
  • Lead Coach of “The Firms.”