How many times a day do we (at The Firms) probably say the word “healing?” Too many to count. In fact, almost all of the terms we use daily sound relatively cliche’ when you think about them. We always talk about healing; we talk about wholeness, abundance, and all of these things seem very easy to bring into your life.

Wholeness and abundance are Divine birthrights.

But they aren’t very easy to bring into your life, if only for the fact that we have decreased our capacity for them by accepting less than we deserve and allowing relationships into our lives that are not only imbalanced, but immensely draining. Only until we commit to making our lives a place where we invest our time, energy, effort and even our finances do we have a chance to turn these very cliched, often overused terms into our daily manifestational reality.

So how do we do it?

Healing…How do we do it?

Well we don’t start sending long emails, and dismissing people on the fly. And we don’t start making drastic changes to every area of our lives. In fact, those actions are not what’s going to bring lasting transformation into our lives. Healing is what does that. And healing requires that we turn inward with a voracious, almost insatiable appetite for seeking and seizing OUR TRUTH. Not the truth we were given, not the truth that we’ve been forced to believe. not the truth that we’ve given ourselves based on decades of false narratives and mortal dominance, but the real truth.

Truth(ful) Hurts…

  • The truth about why we have engaged in some of the relationships we’ve engaged in…And still engage in.
  • The truth about why we’ve allowed certain behaviors and cycles to persist in our lives.
  • The truth about why we designated ourselves the fixer, the helper, and the one who gets it done.
  • The truth about why we’re really helpful even when we don’t want to be, and especially when no one has asked us to be.

These are the truths that we are seeking, and these are the truths that form the foundation of our healing processes. This is not the outward activity of going to the gym and journaling. Now those activities are valuable, but we’ve got to stop acting as if healing happens by external means. Even if you cut yourself, healing has an internal process that begins. You may attempt to assist this process by way of applying Neosporin ointment to your cut and applying a Band-Aid, but as someone who has had numerous tattoos and piercings what I have experience about healing is that ultimately is an inside job, and the outside job is creating the environment where healing is not only occurring, but occurring ritualistically and is sustainable.

This is why when we serve new clients, we bring them into a support system that allows their healing to occur. The environment supports the healing, the environment is not the healing.

It takes more than what many are willing to do, and that is why everyone has yet to reap the relational, financial, manifestational and practical rewards that only a true, intentional commitment to healing can bring.

Click here to learn more about how we can serve you in your healing process. Our next eight healing intensive starts April 26, 2021.